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The Villages of Devonshire

Devonshire Security:
To increase security at the Devonshire gate, change your gate code by visiting the Community Manager's Office at the clubhouse. Be sure to bring identification with you.

Airport Parking:
If you are going to leave your car in long-term parking,do not leave the registration/insurance cards in it, nor your remote garage door opener. Lock them in the trunk of your car. Thieves break into cars parked in long-term, take the registration to find where you live, and take your garage door opener to gain access to you house.
GPS Devices:
Do not put your home address or use the word "Home" in your GPS addresses. When you park your car in a lot to shop, attend functions, etc., a thief can steal your GPS, find your home listing and use it to gain access to your home, knowing you are away from your house. This is especially important if someone is at home.
​Mobile Phones:
If you should get a text message from a loved one asking for your bank pin number or your credit card number, call the person back and verify the text with them. Someone can steal your cell phone, find your loved one's address, text them for this information and take money from your bank account or use your credit card number for large expenditures.   So do not list the relationship of people in your contact list such as "home", "honey", "hubby", and the like.