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These tips are complimentary of Consumer Reports.

>GPS Services: In case your GPS winds up in the hands of a crook, don't put your address under "Home", because a crook can use  your GPS to find your house and rob it!  Instead, pick a local landmark such as a police or fire station close by.

>Printers: To save money on printing, avoid the Arial font.  Consumer Report tests have shown that it uses more ink than Times  New Roman or other fonts.  Minimize the use of color ink by printing text in gray scale or use black-only mode.  Also, you can  recycle your used cartridges for credit on your next purchase.

>Can't log in to your computer? Make sure your "caps lock" isn't on.  If your "caps lock" isn't on, and you can't sign in, then try your  password with them on.  Sometime you may create your password with the "caps lock" on, and not know it.

>Slow programs? Check the amount of storage left on your hard drive.  If is is more than half full, programs and disk operations  like copying and backing up, will slow, and the hard drive's heads have to move farther across the spinning disk surface as they  gather data.  This is a good reason to pick a hard drive with more capacity than you think you'll need when you buy a new  computer.  You can also save all of your files to a portable hard drive so you just use the computer's hard drive for stored programs.


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